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Custom Pet Portrait Pricing

Digital Paintings and Prints

Painted using digital software, choose file-only if you would like to print yourself. Files are printable up to A2 size with 300dpi. Digital Files are sent upon completion via a download link through E-mail. 

Select file and print options if you would like a physical art printed and shipped for you. 

Print Size
1 Pet
2 Pets
3 Pets
File Only
A2 Print
A3 Print
A4 Print
A5 Print

Payment Options

Choose between full upfront payment, or by paying an initial deposit and the rest upon completion. You may pay for the piece upfront by clicking the 'Purchase Here Now' button below, after you have submitted the commission request form below, and selecting your preferences for the painting. This is the simplest way to checkout, and can be done through the website with minimal wait time, with delivery fees calculated at checkout.  If you would like to purchase the commission by paying a deposit prior to work commencing, the remainder will be taken upon completion of the work and prior to shipment (if you are purchasing a physical painting or print) or prior to digital files being sent. Please fill out the below form, inclusive of your shipping address and preferred format. I will provide a quote for the piece, inclusive of shipping cost, via email, alongside a secured payment request for the deposit. Work will commence upon payment of the deposit.

Order a Digital Pet Portrait!

Get one in time for a memorable gift or to commemorate a beloved family pet.



Provide some more details to customise your one of a kind artwork:

Upload your Reference Photos:

Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image

If you are requesting multiple pets in a single photo, you may provide individual photos, however please include a group photo for size comparison if possible! To ensure the highest quality, I recommend having good reference photos of your pet. I provide a guide on the best ways to capture ideal reference photos that will make for the most accurate and realistic depiction of your pet. From lighting, focus and even the angle you take the photo from, a good reference makes for a great painting. See the full list of tips and guidelines here, along with helpful examples:

Choose your Pament Method

If you are choosing to pay in full upfront, please submit this form, and select 'Purchase here now'. You will then be able to add the commission piece to your cart and proceed to checkout.

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